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Carlos and Monica get Engaged | Green Leaves Country Hotel

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Oh wow! Nothing more emotional than capturing a real have one moment to get THEE perfect moment.

But besides for that, generally the guy is so scared and emotional it just builds the tension, but this is probably our 8th proposal this year, so we starting to get the hang of calming the lucky guy down, even if its just a little.

Carlos was no exception, he was so nervous, but in all honesty, he absolutely ACED it! So we started off with just a basic 'couple shoot' as there first shoot as a couple. Seeing as though its the 'in thing' to do nowadays, she had no clue.

For about 20 minutes we photographed the couple in various poses around the venue, until we went to the perfect spot, and thats when the keyword had to be said...the keyword was 'iPhone'. As I said iPhone I could see Carlos's face, he had that....'HERE WE GO' look. are the photos, I'll let you decided how cute the moment was...oh yes, and of course she said YES!

Congratulations Carlos and Monica, see you at your wedding!

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