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Your Questions Answered...our basic terms and conditions

Often we are asked the same questions, so to help clarify all your questions we have tried to make it easier for you.


How long will I wait for my photos?

We try make sure you get your photos as soon as possible.  However as weddings are our major focus we always photograph other shoots and events, such as couples, models, matric farewells etc.

As a bride and groom, you will generally receive your photos within 4 to 14 weeks, if by any chance we are able to get it to you sooner we will, if its going to take longer we will notify you. 


Coffee Table Books/Designer Albums will take longer as we design these books ourselves and they are custom printed, keep in mind that printing is done by a 3rd party company and we will not be held responsible/liable for delivery dates of albums, we can however supply a date given by the printers.

If this date is not met, any delivery costs/late costs will not be at our cost.

If we haven't received the images required for your album within 3 months after receiving your images, additional costs may apply due to printing/availability of albums.

If your shoot/editing falls over the December/January holiday period or during wedding season please note that your photos will take longer but we will still keep you posted.

Event photographs will generally take 1 to 6 weeks to process, if the images are needed sooner, such as 24 hours etc, there will be an additional charge based on the size of the event.



How long is an engagement/couple/matric farewell shoot?

All our engagement/couple/martric farewell shoots are 1 hour to 1 hour 30 min.  In this time we cover the required number of photos as listed per the package.  If you would like a longer shoot or need us for a longer period of time, due to event proceedings such as in Matric Farewells, this can be arranged at additional costs.

Weekday shoots will happen between 3pm and 4:30pm (they will finish at latest 4:30pm). If the shoot will be any later additional fees may apply and prior arrangement must be made.


Will you put my photos on Facebook or your Website?


Yes, as a photographer/artist the work we capture is the work we are proud of and it is our copyright.  

Keep in mind that not all the photos we take are uploaded on our Facebook Page or Website, only those we are adding to our online portfolio.

If you would like your images not to be posted, please let us know prior to booking to discuss the way forward.


Do I need to pay a deposit/booking fee?


Yes, with every shoot we require a 50% booking fee.  Your booking is only confirmed once the deposit has been received.  If you have not yet paid your deposit the date you are inquiring about is available to any other person willing to book that date unless stipulated via email to secure your date, in which case you will be liable for any booking fee/costs for the date.


All booking fees are non-refundable if you cancel your booking as this day may have been available for someone else.


The balance is due 48 hours prior to your shoot/booking. By not paying the balance before 48 hours may lead to your shoot being cancelled.


By agreeing/booking you are liable for the full quote/contract.  By removing any items/albums/makeup/etc you will still be liable for the full price, no subtractions of products can be made, only additions.

Photography is a service based business, dates are booked out per events and not always per job. Hence booking a date entails booking the services for that date and cancelling is not the same as deciding to no longer purchase an item.


Can I pay you when I receive my photos?

No, as per above, the balance due after your deposit is required 48 hours prior to your shoot/booking.  ANY photograph which we take will remain our property unless paid for.  We will not edit any shoot/wedding until paid in full and this means that you will fall into a queue behind those that have already paid and therefore extending your waiting period over and above those listed in our terms and conditions.  All photos not paid for or not fully paid for remain the sole property of RICH Photography.


My wedding is on a public holiday or over a long weekend, is there an additional charge?

Yes, we have a flat rate of R1500 on top of all our wedding packages if your wedding falls on a public holiday or long weekend. 


Can I give you a list of photos to take?

When it comes to photo styles, it is difficult for a photographer to mimic photos you may have seen on the internet.  Based on wedding images, yes if you need specific images such as formalities etc that must not be missed we always ask for a list of important images such as groupings with family etc.


If you would like specific photos that you have seen, it is almost impossible to replicate exact images.  We recommend our clients to send us a 'mood board' or collection of images they like so we can understand the emotions you would like portrayed.


With the above mentioned, we will not be held accountable for images not replicated at any shoot we photograph.


What does your Full Day Wedding Coverage include?

Our base package is what we call the unlimited package.  By that we mean we cover your whole day with a limit to 11 hours. 

To some people they may think that they need more than 11 hours, with the average Christian wedding, 9 hours is generally more than enough, the only time we would need to stay longer than 11 hours is early morning weddings that go through the whole day and night, as well as Hindu and African Traditional weddings.


If you think that your wedding may exceed 11 hours, let us know and we can let you know what the additional costs will be, if any for your day.

For normal quoted times an additional hourly charge of R1500 per hour will be applied if the time limit is exceeded.  This will be confirmed via email/verbally on the day and binding.



Can I get all my photos or more than you deliver?

The short answer...No, but an explanation may help you understand.


We will never deliberately exclude photos that you don't have in your final product.  The photos we supply are all those that are not only photographically correct, but the images that portray our style...after all, the reason you choose a photographer is based on their eye for the perfect moments.


How long in advance should I book?

There is no correct answer, but a rule of soon as you know your venue, and date! Generally once your venue is confirmed your date wont change.  At any given point we have bookings 12-16 months in advance, however those are brides that plan in advance, so if your wedding is 3 - 6 months away, contact us to find out if we are availble.

By booking us, you agree to the basic rules and terms and conditions including those in our contracts from RICH Photography.  Most shoots will have contracts including the above as well as other terms and conditions neccessary for the chosen service/shoot.  If you would like a full list of our terms and conditions please contact us at

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