Why are we 'youtubers'?

We often get asked the question, why do you use YouTube?


To be honest, our YouTube channel has become a big part of our business, not only does it generate an income, but we do secure a lot of brand deals and get a lot of exposure.  In actual fact, we promote FeiyuTech gimbals quite a lot, and chances are we filmed your video with a FeiyuTech gimbal, this is because some time back, the amazing team at FeiyuTech hooked us up with some amazing deals on gimbals and this is why we have some of the coolest gear we could have wished for.

To make it easier to understand, imagine a photographer is always posting to their Facebook page, you don't question it right?

The same should be seen with YouTube, call it an extension of our website, another portfolio for video, however this time it's on a 'different' website that you know as YouTube, where pretty much a large portion of the population spends hours of their day.


So yes, its a vital part of our business, chances are if you've booked us for any video work, you've probably found us on YouTube or watched some of our videos.  Growing your business in a world controlled by social media actually couldn't be easier, if you really apply your brand to the worlds strategy it can be fairly easy...just like you, we live on YouTube watching videos too, so yes, this is why we are YouTubers in South Africa...and yes I always refer to us as 'YouTubers' because we just haven't quite hit that 1 million subscriber mark :)


So here it is, we've put together some playlists, with some descriptions of how it all came about, and why it's on that playlist.

We hope to have you as a subscriber on our channel!

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The Ultimate Place to Learn! From Products, to tech and even YouTube growth and tutorials?

Being a photographer has taught us a lot, from how to edit professional and efficiently, to how to photograph in the rain.

We have taught numerous workshops throughout the country, so now its our time to give back what we have learnt over the years to a community to where we also learnt a lot!

We sure that something within this playlist will help you understand products a lot better, from high performance laptops, editing monitors, drones and camera gear, we test it all, for you!


This is truly what we are about...every video became a form of cinematic awesomeness.

When we started our channel we tried the whole 'vlog' thing, eventually it soon turned into a vlog, but with a far more cooler effect.

Our videos started off with an introduction, and then followed up with some brain stimulating visual fun, eventually we couldn't make a normal old vlog.

Whether we visited Hamleys Toy Store with Zack, or filmed an epic job, we had to put a little talking in the beginning to explain the next 2 - 3 minutes of cine-styled awesomeness.

We really hope you enjoy this little play list we put together, check it out and make sure to subscribe to our channel!


Isn't YouTube just the perfect place to showcase wedding videos?

Of course it is, some of our clients have literally been planning their weddings, searching ideas on YouTube, and based on their location and YouTubes smart thinking, our videos pop up as recommendations.

So, we do share some of our wedding videos onto our channel, unfortunately we don't share all of them as sometimes weddings are similar at the same location and ultimately, we don't want our YouTube subscribers to think weddings is the only thing we do.
So here's a playlist of some of the wedding videos we think you would really enjoy!

Sneaker videos

What started off as a really cool concept with "Making it Cool" soon became a big part of our channel.

From a young age I had a love for Nike shoes, keeping them clean for years, that by the time I grew out of them, they still looked brand new.

Fast forward to 2010...I found my very first pair of Jordan sneakers, shortly after I couldn't find any pairs, that was until we moved to Johannesburg and my sneaker collection grew.  We soon started filming sneakers for a few stores and their social channels, eventually it became a crazy epic collection of shoes I just couldn't go without.

We hope you enjoy these on foot cinematic looks of Jordan sneakers.