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This is us . . . 

As you know we are photographers, we photograph weddings and all aspects of photography.  We are based in the Johannesburg area and photograph weddings throughout South Africa and internationally.


So...Pretty Pictures...yes, thats what everyone wants, and it is what we always strive to achieve.  However what most people don't always consider is who IS your photographer, and will they be someone you can relax with, be yourself around them so they can truly capture who you are.

So this is us...Richard and Michelle...

We are a fun loving and recently married couple, we photograph every wedding, engagement session, event and model shoot together.


How did photography start for us, well as usual it started as a hobby 5 years ago, that hobby that starts taking over your life.  Slowly but surely we found ourselves between living a normal 8-5 kinda life and juggling another life, professional photography.  


We were working 8-5 at our jobs and then 5-12 on our photography, clients were happy, bookings were overwhelming and eventually we couldn't lead 2 separate lives and we had to make the choice...and now we here, full time professional photographers.

So thats us...if you would like to get in touch, Contact Us here, if you would like to find out more about us and what we do in the industry, the blog lovers can keep reading.

Professional photographer and assistant at RICH Photography
Professional photographer at RICH Photography
Wedding photographers Johannesburg

What makes us different?

Michelle studied professional make up and hair and now specialises in photographic bridal make up and hair styling in Johannesburg.  

Having your wedding photographer and make up artist travelling to you on the same day at the same time is not only lower on your travelling charges but the professionalism and worry free...well lets just say you probably can't imagine the stress on your wedding day! 

Besides, make up artists generally leave before your ceremony...they not there to powder your nose just before your photo shoot and make sure you still have lipstick after all the family kisses.

Bridal Make Up Johannesburg
Johannesburg make up artists


If you would like to meet, please contact us.


We hope to hear from you soon.

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