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The ultimate in 360 Video Booths, this is the SpinCam by RICH Photography

The SpinCam is the pinnacle of 360 booths...a completely engineered one of a kind design to handle not just guests mobile devices, but the ability for us to mount a professional camera, capture your event in epic quality, and put together an amazing event recap in SpinCam style!

Why the SpinCam

It's Electronically Controlled

Unlike other 360 booths, the SpinCam is electronically it doesnt just complete 2 slow revolutions...we control the speed and time, allowing guests to rock on and have a blast!

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It's smooth...ULTRAsmooth!

ULTRA-stable footage...the SpinCam was designed with precision, and that was to deliver extremely fast, stable footage, to limit the shake you get from other 360 video booths.

2 mobile devices AND our Pro Camera!

With most 360 video booths, guests get sent a short video to their mobile device, here guests can mount their own device, and record their own video allowing their creative freedom later to edit it and post it on their favourite app!


But it doesnt stop there! This is what makes the SpinCam different, our Professional Camera stays mounted. We capture the coolest moments in ultra high definition to put together a professional edit of your event, just like you've seen on this page!

No other 360 video booth offers you an epic video to recap the best moments from your event!

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Let your guests get creative.  With guests recording to their own camera roll, let them take the creativity to TikTok and Instagram sharing the fun from your event.


With the SpinCam, let us capture the entire event in perfect quality, and allow us to put an EPIC mashup of the best moments for your social channels!


Having a brand launch, get a Hashtag going, let influencers and creators step up, get dancing and post their own creative edits on their favourite social platforms.

What people are saying about the SpinCam on Instagram!

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YOH!!!! Love it !!

SpinCam Pricing

Although we always recommend the Ultimate SpinCam Package, we created a Basic Package, which essentially offers guests a package much like other 360 video booths, basically its the ultra-smooth SpinCam effect, by mounting their own devices, and thats it.

Basic 360 VideoBooth

This is a bare bones pacakge, to offer a similar style to most 360 video booths.

- 360 SpinCam machine
- 3 hours
- 1 ring light
- 2 mobile device mounts for guests
- 1 operator

*This package does NOT include a professional camera and edit after the event (like other 360 video booths)


Ultimate SpinCam Package

This is the ultimate SpinCam experience!

- 360 SpinCam machine
- 3 hours
- RGB LED lights
- 1 ring light
- illuminated RGB floor
- Custom floor vinyl with your Logo
- Stanchions/Barriers
- 2 mobile device mounts for guests
- 1 Professional Camera
- 1 professional highlight reel/edit of the event with licensed music
- 1 operator

R13 200

To get the SpinCam experience, we recommend taking the Ultimate SpinCam Package.

The SpinCam was designed to deliver high quality video edits for your event, with an all inclusive epic experience.

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