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Juliette and Greg | Real Proposal | Zoo Lake

If you've ever wondered what happens when a guy takes too long to propose...this is the result.

Juliette and Greg have been dating years, they had never had a shoot together, and they both work in Dubai, so leisure times like these are very scarce. So how did this happen?

Well lets start from the beginning, myself and Michelle were sitting in the movies, I completely forgot to turn off our website Live Chat, and Juliette's message came through, as usual, we literally turned our attention away from the movie and spent the next 10 minutes chatting to Juliette about this awesome surprise shoot she was arranging for Greg whilst they were both in SA visiting family.

So fast forward a few weeks, they were in South Africa, we met at Zoo Lake and little did Greg know that soon his beautiful girlfriend would soon become his fiancé, Juliette politely asked Greg to which they both agreed and boom...just like that, another beautiful proposal on camera, tears, smiles, hugs and kisses...its so magical every time!

Here are a few photos of their special shoot at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg.

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