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YouTubers can now earn MORE money in South Africa! YouTube REVENUE gets epic!

Small creators on YouTube now have the ability to earn far more money.

So whats the deal? We break it down in a short, straight to the point video for all of you that don't enjoy reading articles on YouTube.

For those that enjoy reading, and for the Google SEO' you go!

Previously YouTube had a section called SuperChats where people watching a Live video on YouTube could 'donate' money or essentially tip a creator on YouTube. Once selected it prompted you with options to tip in your local currency.

This payment was done through your basic, Google Pay setup, so if you have ever paid for an app on the app store, or bought in-app purchases on Google or setup some form of Google account/pay.

NOW...that changes, most creators don't go live, so with ordinary YouTube video posts, the beta testing of SuperThanks has been enabled in South Africa to all eligible creators. Basically you can go onto a YouTube video (does not have to be a live video) and by clicking SuperThanks you would be prompted to tip that creator.

This is EPIC for small creators, as the YouTube platform is filled with creators putting in massive amounts of effort into videos they only making small amounts of views on.

Just imagine putting in all the effort and making 1000 views...YouTube would pay you around R50.

Now viewers can tip that creator R20 or R50...imagine 5 viewers tipping a creator R100, thats R500...a small time creator would need to make at least 10 000 views to earn that amount.

I think you can see how amazing this initiative is and what it can do for YouTubers across South Africa.

Remember I said eligible creators, so you need to have YouTube monetisation active, I go more in depth in the video, so check it out.

Let me know what you think in the comments of the YouTube video.


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