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Road Tripping with Models to Sun City

What an epic trip!

So let me explain :) for years we have often thought about how cool it would be to take a trip to an awesome South African landmark, like Sun City, with a few models and just do a couple of shoots, laugh, have a good time and just enjoy ourselves...and 2016 allowed us to do it.

Why we posting it now only...well its because it was so awesome, we doing it again, thats right, in November 2017 we taking another epic road trip to Sun City, all expenses paid with a few models to just go and have an amazing time.

Sun, fun, bikinis and good times. We travelled to Sun City, we started off our trip with enjoying our time at the Valley of the Waves. Followed by a pretty little bikini shoot in the sand, later that evening we roamed the night and did a night shoot at the Palace of the Lost City. The next morning we got up bright an early to do a sunrise pool shoot...a little cold but totally worth it.

Huge thank you to our beautiful ladies for making the trip so much fun.

So here is our Sun City Model Road Trip video followed by some photos below!

If you would like to join us for our next model road tip please get in touch with us.

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