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Kerwin and Abbigail's Wedding | Shepstone Gardens

If I had to sum up this gorgeous Shepstone Gardens wedding in 3 words, it would be, fun, glamour with a dash of elegance.

Meet Kerwin and Abbigail, this fashionable and glamours couple tied the knot at the ever so amazing Shepstone Gardens. From Abbigails button up wedding dress with lace sleeves, to Kerwins suit, the details will truly perfect, simplistic and elegant.

The decor was minimalist, which kept the beauty of the venue…something thats always to be admired.

But no venue will be admired without a bride and groom, and this loving couple was so much fun. The laughs, the smiles, Abbigail and her bridesmaids will never be forgotten, including the ‘booty shaking’ for the photos.

The last image on this post, is their first dance, which was done all alone on the roof top over looking the entire venue as they snuck away from their guests.

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Roof top first dance


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