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An Epic Christmas Light display at Melrose Arch

The age old saying...'South Africa never has anything nice for people to do' has truly come to an end.

This December people were left in awe with the epic Christmas lights display at Melrose Arch in Sandton Johannesburg.

We set out to film this amazing set up and it was breathtaking. This was their first ever display, it cost almost R5 million and the idea and design was all by the local team, however with the sheer size and complicated design the lights had to come from Poland.

With no entrance fee, a great vibe, shops and restaurants running till late in the evening, this place became an absolute buzz this year! We hope you enjoy this short little cinematic video, and hopefully it gives you that festive season feeling.

PS...a little birdie told us that if you thought this year was amazing, they going even bigger next year!


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