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Destination Christmas at Melrose Arch

Every year we have the privilege of filming Destination Christmas at Melrose Arch. Its no secret we have been filming for Melrose Arch for years, and the team at Melrose Arch is absolutely amazing, and the vibe you get from Melrose Arch when visiting the precinct shows how amazing they are.

So this year, we were asked to capture Destination Christmas again, and this time we decided to add a little more happiness, a little more fun, something to make you smile because honestly, we all need to smile a little.

Obviously little Zack had to feature in the video and take a little sweet from the cool Santa Claus that was roaming around handing out sweets to all the children.

If you haven't seen the amazing Melrose Arch Christmas lights, they are on until the 9th of January 2022, go check it out!


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