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Ruan and Mari's Wedding | Makiti

Every time we photograph a wedding they tend to leave us speechless, let me put it into perspective...imagine meeting a group of people for the first time, aunts, uncles, moms and dads and somtimes brides and grooms all on the happiest and most joyful day of their lives, perhaps thats why each wedding is so special and exciting.

With that said...Mari and Ruan were no exception, fun filled family, smiles, emotion and just a real good time. They tied the knot at Makiti Wedding Venue in Muldersdrift.

Mari is absolutely full of smiles all day, and Ruan is such a humble and down to earth guy, they were so accommodating and caring, and those qualities show in their photos.

Makiti is actually a challenging wedding venue to shoot at, with yellow bricks, wood features and thatch roofs, photos are prone to turning yellow and leaving the subjects skin looking to say the least. Coming from a teaching background with photography, we quickly find our way around these challenges and it allows us to focus on whats important, the bride and groom!

Michelle did Mari and her bridal parties hair and makeup...and they looked absolutely beautiful. Im sure you know by now that Michelle and I do a lot of weddings together where she does the hair and makeup, and as soon shes finished she joins me for the photography...and usually makes sure the bride looks perfect till we leave. Check out Michelles website on

So with all that is Ruan and Mari's wedding day through our eyes, enjoy!

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