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Shelly and Gareths Wedding | Askari Lodge

If you could ever imagine a rainy wedding day, this would be the one. A lot of brides panic, however, no matter what happens, love prevails and every couple will tie the knot and have a blast with family and friends throughout their wedding day. After all, its the only time a couple has all their family and friends together...what more would you need?

Shelly and Gareth decided to tie the knot at Askari Lodge, but what made this different too, was Shelly bought her beautiful wedding dress and her bridesmaids dresses from our Vanilla Lace Bridal Boutique. Photographing a wedding day is always a privilege, but capturing a bride wearing her wedding dress from your store is absolutely awesome.

Michelle did the makeup for all the bridesmaids (if you want to see Michelle's site, you can check it out here).

Now, when I say it rained from start to finish...this day truly did pore with rain...we had to shoot under cover 99% of the time as the rain was just too strong...yes it wasn't even a drizzle.

Shelly and Gareth were planning to get married in the forest at Askari, instead the rain forced them to get married in the chapel, even though it was dark, flash work can create warmth and we got some beautiful images in the chapel.

Sometimes photographers like to redo the shoot, and I completely agree, sometimes...but when you have the potential to create images that cannot compare with the "mock" photos, why not take the opportunity.

We have always loved taking photos in the rain, it creates breathtaking moments that you just cant get from ordinary days.

Here are some of the images from Shelly and Gareth's wedding day at Askari Lodge.