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Natalie's Matric Farewell | Photo Shoot

Matric Farewell Photography season is in full swing, matriculants are excited, schools almost over and just before everyone gets ready for finals...there's one last thing on the To-Do list...the long awaited Matric Farewell.

With every year we get an enormous amounts of inquiries for Matric Farewell for photography in Johannesburg. Unfortunately, we would love to photograph each couple at each school, but we limit ourselves to one couple per school/date. It makes that time with the couple much more relaxed, fun, and at the end of the day, it shows in their photos.

This young lovely lady, Natalie, and her date Jayson were no exception. We took a trip to narrow little road with a little white fence and got some amazing photos just before the winter sun set and she they had to make their way to the schools arrival.

Natalie's make up was thanks to Make Up by Michelle. One thing to always remember with make up for Matric Farewells and bridal make up, is to never do your make up in such a way that it distracts from your dress, your hair...and most importantly who you are!

Here is just a few of Natalie and Jayson's photos from their Matric Dance photo shoot.

All the best for finals you two #GoodLuck #AceIt

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