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  • Rich Oosthuizen

Choosing a photographers style for your wedding day...

This is probably THEE most debated topic in the history of photography!

Natural Light VS Flash/Strobe, but how does it affect a bride on her big wedding day.

Well, most photographers will find a style they enjoy shooting, and thats perfect, because the more a photographer enjoys their style...the better you get at your own style, however what happened with us started as a challenge.

We have always been flash/strobe lovers...the images are always more colourful, vibrant and to be honest, just wow! But the natural light side of photography got us thinking, what if we could take natural light and adapt it to a much prettier colourful style, and so we met the style halfway, not only offering brides both in their final package, but sometimes using flash when you would swear it was natural light.

So what does the difference look like?

Photo 1 - Flash/Strobe: When a photographer uses a flash the first thing you see is the colour, the vibrance and the really pretty colourful backgrounds. So here is an image of Derick and Patience wedding at Zulu Nyala Country Manor in Fourways.

Image 2 - Natural Light: Finally, here is an image taken only minutes apart but with no flash...using the natural light method.

Yes...the flash looks way most. But keep in mind not one of these images have been edited at all. Once the natural light image is edited it will look a little more poppy and vibrant, however your background with falsh always has more pronounced colour.

So now you wondering which style suits you best...well thats why we shoot both, nothing is more comforting going through your wedding images many years later knowing you got the best of both worlds on that one day in your life, that day you said your vows and swore to spend the rest of your life with your loved one!

Weddings are made of memories, moments and a love story...thats why we love them!

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