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We are professional photographers and videographers based in Johannesburg, we specialise in unique and elegant wedding photography, lifestyle, engagement and commercial shoots including content creation on video for brands and businesses.

Wedding photography started off as our passion, as we grew, our wedding clients became our corporate clients, allowing us to expand into video content for various brands, from Dior, to Famous Brands, Xbox and so many more!

We photograph and create video content throughout Gauteng, Pretoria and the rest of South Africa.
We capture various styles of content, from natural and organic to a more professional high fashion look, depending on the product, style or wedding.

Why Video?

With professional video becoming more available through small businesses, high end 4K content that was only previously available for huge corporates has now become available for individuals and small business owners.

From beautiful weddings, to corporate year end parties, product release videos and brand promotion, we have covered so we put together a Demo Reel, a little of everything to fill your creative ideas in under 3 minutes.

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