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Why the Wedding Shoe Game is a Must-Have Activity for Your Reception

The Shoe Game is possibly one of the best wedding traditions a couple can do.

During your reception, the bride and groom take a back to back seat in the centre of the dance floor. Then the MC, or someone from the bridal party fires a bunch of questions at the couple, essentially trying to determine their compatibility.

Getting the answers all correct isn't the actually the point of the game, but when questions are fired like..."who is neatest?" or "who is the best cook"...its the incorrect compatibility that becomes funny and amusing.

The irony of the game is the incompatibility shown after the marriage...and this once again proves the point, that we are all different and sometimes we find love in the differences we share.

If you're looking for a few questions for your wedding, here's a few free ideas for the wedding shoe game:

  1. Who is the best cook?

  2. Who is the neatest?

  3. Who has the best fashion and dress code?

  4. Who is the worst at driving?

  5. Who is the slowest driver?

  6. Who takes the longest to get dressed in the morning?

  7. Who has more shoes in their cupboard?

  8. Who said "I love you" first?

  9. Who is the naughtiest in the bedroom?

  10. Who is going to initiate sex tonight?

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