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Natalie and Tims Wedding at Vineta | 4K

WOW...I could write all day about these 2...the relationship from us to Natalie and Tim also goes back a few years.

Natalie is actually a photographer who attended some of our workshops we hosted in PE, and since the day we met, its been pure friendship ever since.

Needless to say, Natalie said when she gets married we have to capture her day...and we did just that, photography and video!

Did I mention that Michelle also did Natalies hair and makeup?

So this is their special day in 4K and its just too beautiful!

But wait...theres 1 more thing...Natalie and Tim chose to wait 1 year for their wedding video, yes, we completed their video and they only wanted to watch it on their their link to download the video and watch it on YouTube only went live on the day of their anniversary when they woke up.

Probably the best way to relive your special day, what a way to bring back all the memories and tears.


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