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We filmed a Music Video! | Nodig by Armand Hofmeyr

As you know, Afrikaans music in South Africa, is quite an iconic genre, however most Afrikaans music tends to sound the same to those that don't listen to Afrikaans music.

BUT...Armand Hofmeyr is here changing the game with this real funk beat and a little bit of Afrikaans rap that I personally think is very welcomed in the Industry.

We were super amped to film this epic video.

Filmed on the Lumix GH5 in 4K with the Sigma 16mm, Sigma 30mm, and Sigma 56mm f1.4 lenses...lets not forget the epic lighting, done with the Nantlie Pavotubes and the epic Forza 60B from Nanlite.

Crank up the volume and enjoy it!


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