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The Ultimate 360 Video Booth...the SpinCam!

Yes its official, we decided to build our very own 360 video booth, this is the SpinCam!

And no, its unlike the usual 360 video booths out there.

This 360 video booth is not only electronically controlled, it allows us to attach not just 1, but 2 of your guests mobile devices AND 1 of our professional cameras. Why you may ask?

Why would we want to attach a pro-level camera to a 360 video booth. Lets rewind to the problem with 360 booths...their biggest downside is the device that the video is captured on, a phone, it then gets a low res version Whatsapped or emailed to the guest...this leaves your guests with sub par quality content.

By allowing your guests to put their own mobile device, they get cleaner video, that they can customise or create their very own dancers, TikToks or IG reels.

The pro-level camera we attach allows us to create an epic 360 video edit after your you as the client, bride or event, has something to show from your event.

Oh yes, remember we said its electronically controlled, other 360 booths are manually pushed, the camera usually makes about 2 revolutions before it slows down...and if you've seen these 360 booths, the camera is so shaky.

With it being electronically controlled, your guests could quite easily finish their 10 to 30 second TikTok dance without the 360 video booth slowing down, as we electronically control its speed for however long is needed.

If you would like to get in touch or find out more, let us know, we would love to spice up your next event and keep your guests entertained!


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