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The best 360 Video Booth for Matric Farewells!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

If you thinking about getting a 360 video booth for your Matric Farewell or next event...we need to tell you something.

Imagine booking a 360 video booth, and the guests attending get a 7 to 10 second little video sent to their phone...sounds great, and whilst thats something for guests to look forward too...the problem with every other 360 video booth, is they do not offer a post party edit.

You see, no other 360 video booth in South Africa can hold a professional camera...but we we record the 360 video booth in super high quality, so after the event, we can put together an epic highlight reel together.

This was the highlight reel from our 360 video booth for the Heron Bridge Matric Farewell, fortunately we got a chance to sneak into the venue and get some cool shots of the decor.

We hope you enjoy this edit as much as we did, and the Matrics!

We hope to see you at the next epic event.


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