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Kristin and Neal's Matric Farewell Video in 4K

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

You often hear Matric Farewells have become SO expensive and its 'not worth it' or 'its such a waste of money'.

Let me change your mind...this is Kristin and her boyfriend Neal.

For one moment just imagine this was your daughters video, and you saw this smile on her face. If she smiles like that on the outside, imagine how happy she is on the inside. We have to understand, times have changed, Matric Farewells are no longer a quick wave off at home and a mom or dad pulls out a tiny point and shoot camera and eventually loads the photos on the computer 8 months later, then takes them to the print shop after another 3 months.

Its about glamorous photos, not because they have to, but because its available...and if that means beautiful 4K high quality videos...then so be it.

All I can say is that one day, any parent would love to look back on their daughters smile and remember the good ol' days.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful little love story.


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