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Heinke and Adele's Wedding Video | The Stone Cellar

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding day...but unfortunately not every day is perfect, for Heinke and Adele, the wind was absolutely crazy.

Now I know what you thinking, "ugh I wouldn't want that on my wedding day".

But no matter what happens on your wedding day, years down the line, the memory remains..."do you remember how windy it was"

Thats the memory, and although you may not want that...its reality, and let's be honest, a windy day makes for a beautiful video sometimes.

We had the honour to not only photography Heinke and Adele's special day at The Stone Cellar, but also to film it.

So here is there Cinematic Highlight Wedding Video in all its beauty, we hope you enjoy this as much as we did filming it, and yes...they may have had wind, but they also had a beautiful sunset which most brides could only dream of!


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