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Caravela Portuguese Festival 2018 | Monte Casino

If you have never experienced a Portuguese Festival, then I truly hope these colourful photos will make you feel as if you there...and if the photos just don't bring back the coolest memories, watch the video!

Imagine all the colours, the most amazing cheerful friendly family vibe, food from prawns to espetada, wine and ice cold to add to that, throw in Prime Circle, MiCasa, Vin Deysel, Rubber, Good Luck, Freshly Ground and a ton of other South African artists and some amazing Portuguese artists.

Wanna be there...Im sure you do, so check out the photos and video of the Caravela 2018 at Monte Casino in Johannesburg.

For those of you that went, we hope this brings back every amazing memory!

Caravela Festival 2018
The Caravela at Monte Casino


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