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Roelf and Michelle's Engagement Shoot | Toadbury Hall

Meet Roelf and Michelle...another beautiful couple inside and out...I don't know if we just lucky, but we truly get thee most amazing clients every time, and Michelle and Roelf truly set the bar pretty high.

They will be tying the knot at Toadbury Hall in April 2017, and we really cannot wait. Michelle and Roelf decided to do their engagement shoot at Toadbury Hall too, in all honesty its a really great way to get to know the venue, not necessary for your photographer but also for the couple, as you see it from a totally different light.

Roelf works out of the country, and as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, this is a definite in this case. Seeing the love that Roelf and Michelle shared during their engagement/pre-wedding shoot was so cute, Roelf just came back, so the emotions were real, the smiles were precious and the kisses were longed for...all in all, its the perfect recipe for some engagement photos.

In true Johannesburg fashion, it poured with rain just a few hours before the shoot which left us wondering what we were going to do, but that Johannesburg fashion didn't disappoint as half way through our shoot the skies parted and we even got a little warm sun set peeping through some over cast clouds.

So here is just a few of Michelle and Roelf's engagement shoot...enjoy! sure to check out their gorgeous wedding in the next few months.

Toadbury Hall engagement shoot
Pre wedding photo shoot
E session at Toadbury Hall
Engagement shoot locations
Black and white pre wedding shoot
toadbury hall engagement shoot
elegant pre wedding shoot
engagement ring
natural couple moments
pre-wedding photo shoot
engagement shoot sunset

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