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Specialized P3 Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenes

If you've ever wondered what goes on at a "model style shoot" this is kinda it.

We decided to take down a brand new Specialized P3 Dirt Jumper bike to an abandoned street, a great location for a photo shoot styled like this.

The styled shoot was to create more "daylight" styled images, not a harsh "funky" look.

The Behind the Scenes video below is a great insight especially for photographers and those just interested in how a model shoot generally goes. As we shoot the images pop up for you to see...there are also some images below the video in a higher resolution.

Enjoy, if you would like to see more YouTube videos from us, let us know...we love to share what we do.

Model Shoot Johannesburg

2016 Specialized P3 mtb

Specialized Bicycles photo shoot

Model Shoots in Johannesburg

Photo Shoot

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Specialized Bicycles Photo Shoot

Johannesburg fashion photographer

Specialized P3 dirt jumper bicycle

Flash photography photo shoot

Fashion photography in Johannesburg

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