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Locations for Engagement and Couple Shoots

Deciding on where to do your engagement or couple shoot can be a tricky task. In the Gauteng region you have an almost unlimited choice of locations...yes some locations are not as safe as others, so chat to your photographer.

There is so many things to take into consideration, so before you just make a decision, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

- does the location suit you as a couple?

- is your wedding venue similar, or do you want it to look different?

- dress accordingly, don't wear an evening gown to a rustic style park.

- 2 outfit changes keeps the photos looking different, so choose wisely.

If your wedding venue allows, sometimes couples prefer to capture their engagement shoot at their venue....this is also an option to keep in mind.

Its fairly easy for a photographer to visualize where to go, but you as a couple, it may be tough to imagine, so to make it easy, here is a few images of various styled shoots taken at various places.

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens: The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens is a clean cut, well maintained park. It hasn't got the rustic feel that some parks have, but its still a beautiful place to take photos. The greenery is there almost all year round, and its never a disappointment.

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Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens
Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Delta Park Randburg: Delta Park is a fairly open and spacious park, its fairly rustic and has areas of long grass, trees, wild flowers etc. (PS all you dog lovers can bring your 4 legged friends with)

Delta Park engagement photo shoot
Couple shoots at Delta Park
Delta Park Randburg photo shoot location
Engagement Shoots in Johannesburg
Pre Wedding photo shoot locations
best couple shoot locations

Monte Casino Fourways: Monte Casino is a clean cut kinda vintage building feel. The best place to shoot is in the parking areas away from the people, its fresh, vibrant and allows for great opportunities to create pretty photos.

Pre Wedding Shoot locations in Johannesburg
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Monte Casino engagement sessions
Monte Casino engagement sessions
Couple Photo Shoots at Monte Casino

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