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Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Booking a wedding photogrpaher for your big day is a huge investment/risk. This is one day that you have probably spent more than you have budgeted. Making sure you hire a photographer that is not only equipped, but expereinced enough, and understands the true meaning of a wedding, and the photos that mean something.

Lets get straight to the questions, often these are points over looked:

Questions to ask yourself:

- Can I see myself and my fiance spending the entire day with my photographer, do we get along?

- Do they have a Facebook Page, Website etc. which has a clear history and is not an 'overnighter'?

Often scam artists will not have a Facebook Page due to the ease of social media bad mouthing, real photographers love to show case their work and get likes and shares.

- Is their style of photography really something I like, something that is not only fashionable but timeless?

Questions to ask a photographer:

- Have you got back up equipment?

Make sure that the photographers back up equipment is not a cheaper level of their main equipment.

- Does your camera take back-up memory cards and do you use that function?

Modern day professional cameras take 2 memory cards, this is because memory cards often become corrupt...its a reality. There are 2 ways to use these memory cards:

1: A back up, to make sure if one goes corrupt, the photographer has a spare.

2: An overflow, this is a cheaper option, as photographers dont have to buy more memory cards, this meaning the 2nd card is used when the first card is full.

- Can I see a full wedding?

As photographers we often show our 'best' work, as clients believe. In reality we only show what 'we like'. Its always advisable that clients view full weddings from a photographer to understand what kind of 'package' you will be getting.

- Do I get my photos in full resolution?

Yes, this is important, often photographers dont give you the full resolution images out of their cameras. They are often scaled down too small to even blow up on a canvas.

- Do you post my photos to Facebook before I see them?

A common problem, social media is a great place for photographers to achieve brand awareness. Often this is done before you see your photos, which leads to Aunty Sue calling and saying, "Oh I saw some of your photos and they beautiful" and you have that "HUH" face.

Does this bother you, you may ask all honesty, once you have had your special day, you will quickly understand that seeing your photos first, privately, via email or whatever it may be, is a meaningful and a precious moment, before its on Social Media.

Its common practice, and ethical to just let the bride see it first, then allow the photographer to post it.

- What happens if you sick?

Seems like a silly question...but have you ever thought about it?

These are just a few of the must have questions you should ask your photographer. It is only one day, and in +-8 hours your chosen photographer has to know the family, find moments, capture moments and make sure they last forever.

This brings me to another important point...

Wedding photographeres often get lost in the art of photography, creating artistic images which capture the hearts of potential clients. However until you have had your special day to you truly realise that the photos that are truly important are the photos you least expect.

Let me explain, perhaps Granny mentioned something about your dress that you found offensive, during your family shoot you choose to leave Granny out. Now it may not be your photographers job to force you to take a shot with Granny, but I guarantee that if she passes away a few weeks later it will be a photo you go scratching for through your 400+ wedding images. Wedding photographers should know these moments, these 'boring' photos that potential clients may not like, but the bride/groom themselves will treasure. Sometimes these photos may not even be 100% perfect, but they are perfect enough especially with the memories.

Make sure you know your photographer and what they have to offer before you book them.

Much love,

Rich and Michelle

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