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Capturing Memories: The Importance of Filming and Photographing Your Next Festival or Event

Updated: Jan 29

If you reading this, you're probably it even worth it?

Is it worth it to pay thousands of rands to have an event videographer or event photographer to capture your amazing event...whether its the next best corporate event, or perhaps a brand launch, or even an amazing festival filled with Portuguese talent or Afrikaans singers.

Well, the real reason you need this is marketing material. Not only is amazing content great to keep your social channels busy in todays struggle to stay at the top of the news feed...but more importantly, what about next years epic festival or event.

How do you promote an event, without an amazing amount of great content. Good content building up to your event is what truly makes an event successful.

I have seen countless events online, planned for the same weekend as another...guess which event is successful, yes...the one with the best marketing material.

With that said, here's just a few examples of festivals or events we have filmed to create post video edits for our clients...more often than not, we keep the video footage, and the next year we create epic build up reels for our clients.

So here's some post festival fun!

The 2023 Caravela Portuguese Festival After Movie in 4K

The 2023 German Schulbasar Festival

Destination Christmas at Melrose Arch | Christmas Events

SuperCar Sunday | Event Videography Johannesburg


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