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Why you NEED this 360 Video Booth at your next event!

Where do we even start...perhaps at the beginning.

Im gonna keep this short, basically we engineered a ONE-of-a-KIND 360 video booth called the SpinCam.

And yes, it's VERY different from the ordinary 360 video booth you will hire in Johannesburg and Gauteng. First we found the common problems with your everyday 360 video booth...and we engineered something to combat that, and make it epic!

Problem 1: 360 VideoBooths suffer from terrible shaky video footage...also, 99% of them are manually thrown doing a basic 2 revolutions...this wasn't cool enough for us.

We decided to create an insanely genius design, that could not only produce, ridiculously smooth footage, but also make it electronically controlled, so we could speed it up, faster, longer, and allow guests to rock out and dance!

And thats when we saw the next problem...introducing...

360 video booth Johannesburg

Problem 2:

All the 360 VideoBooths you can hire have a mobile phone/device mounted onto the arm...whilst it seems ok, it limited our creativity, and if thats all we could achieve, the idea of the 360 SpinCam would have died right there...but thats when it became EPIC!

The issue with the mobile device is guests get on, 2 basic revolutions, and some app WhatsApps you this 'preset' edit in super low res...this is 2022!

Enter the birth of the SpinCam...the idea of strapping a modern day mirrorless professional camera on a wildly spinning 360 video booth...just IMAGINE the possibilities recording all this epic footage in 4K at 120fps...yeah, something that only happens on the Oscars Red Carpet!

best 360 spin booth in Gauteng

But we didn't stop there, the SpinCam is so robust, guests can mount their OWN mobile device on the SpinCam when they step up for their 360 moment of glory, and record full resolution on their own if you rocking any modern day smartphone that records high quality video or super slow-mo, you guessed right! Say goodbye to this low res WhatsApp videos some app auto generates, now you can go home with an abundance of footage and rock out on TikTok or Instagram Reels, edit your own cool video!

360 video booth for hire

BUT WAIT...theres more! Yes...remember the Professional Camera we put on...we record the moments in super hi-res, we take it back to the editing room and our clients get a custom edit of thee coolest highlights of their event...just imagine paying so much for a 360 video booth and having nothing to show after, we couldn't understand that!

Sadly only the clients that DON'T book the SpinCam realise that the post edit is cooler than anything out there!

Oh and of course, if you've seen our pricing, we don't want you to book anything else but the full experience, the lights, the illuminated floor with your custom logo or the bride and grooms name...we want your 360 video booth experience to be something you remember!

Get in touch with us and allow us to capture your epic event or wedding the way it was supposed to be captured in 2022...on the SpinCam!


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