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Viltrox 23mm T1.5 Cine Lens - REVIEW

The Viltrox Cine S line is a new line of lenses for MFT mounts and Sony E Mount.

Are these lenses the next best thing...well at only $415 each...they just could be.

They come in 3 primes, 23mm, 33mm and 56mm all boasting a massive T1.5 aperture. If you wondering if T Stop and F Stop is actually different, we break it down in the review so definitely check it out. We took the Viltrox 23mm T1.5 and filmed a bunch of footage on the Lumix GH6, all in 4K 120fps and 4K 60fps and its insanely beautiful!

Definitely check it out...if you want to pick up one from Amazon, here's an affiliate link that helps out my channel at no extra cost to you -


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