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Tinus and Megan's Wedding

What can we say...pretty dresses, super cool people and a love for one another.

Megan and Tinus got married and their special day was nothing short of pretty little moments, smiles and just what every wedding should be, a real good time!

Often cinematic weddings are these real short 2 to 5 minute highlight videos, in reality we capture a lot more as a wedding videographer. We have yet to shoot a wedding video in Johannesburg and have the final film under 6 minutes, most are around the 8 to 11 minute mark.

Now sure, you that may not know the couple don't want to watch an 11 minute video of all the perfect moments, however I can promise you that the bride and groom would love a 30 minute video if they could...just keep that in mind when you booking your wedding video...hint hint wink wink.

We know you don't want to read all of this, so here is their wedding video below in 4K...enjoy!


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