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The ASUS Zenbook ProDuo UX581 | Creator Laptop Review

This is the ASUS Zenbook ProDuo UX581.

Lets make this simple, imagine a powerful creator laptop, that looks more sleek than business, enough power to create and game, but doesn't look like a traditional gaming laptop...and if you thought that was cool, ASUS slapped on 2 4K displays into 1 laptop...and they made them both touch screen.

As full time professional photographers and videographer/creators, we appreciate well designed and intuitive designs, and ASUS created something that any person would want...creator or not!

We made a full review for you below, but if you looking for some specs, here you go:

Zenbook ProDuo UX581

Intel Core i7 Processor (there is an i9 option)

Nvidia GeForce RTX2060 Graphics card with 6GB of VRAM

16GB of 2666Mhz RAM (there is a 32GB option)

2 x 4K Displays

512GB SSD PCIE (there is a 1 and 2 TB option)

For the latest pricing visit this site -


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