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How to film a YouTube intro?

The oldest question we have received...Should I have an intro to my channel, and how do I film one.

So...before we show you how to film a YouTube intro for your channel, lets talk about this.

Do you need an intro?

If you not going to be making a short intro unique to every single vlog you make, then sure you probably need one.

How long should it be?

Lets be real, if you coming to a YouTube channel every 2nd or 4th day, you DEFINITELY don't want to watch a 35 second intro again and again and again...

So the rule of thumb...under 20 seconds, if you can get it to 15 seconds...LEGEND!

10 Seoncds...even BETTER!

However if you doing a family vlog intro showing different characters, then sure, the 15 to 20 second mark is where you aiming.

If you just showing your logo, like Peter Lindgren, Peter Mckinnon etc, then there's no reason you should pass 5 to 10 seconds.

Lets go...we put a full video together taking you behind the scenes on how to film a vlog style intro, we hope you enjoy it!


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