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The Cost of Hiring a Professional Event Photographer in Johannesburg and Gauteng

Updated: Jan 29

Events photography pricing really differs in Johannesburg, and you may be asking yourself why...well, lets quickly explain.

Why do some photographers charge more?

1. Gear Does Make a Difference

When you looking for pricing, you will notice that pricing can drastically change from R800 per hour, up to R2000 per hour, or more.

Now you probably thinking to yourself, why should you pay more per hour...why not take the cheapest price...right...wrong!

The reality behind a successful events photographer is not JUST their experience but also the gear they have. Yes, gear DOES matter, don't listen to those that tell you it doesn't. Most people preaching that gear doesn't matter, don't have a lot of gear.

Owning multiple camera bodies is a start, cameras don't last forever, and sometimes they pack up on a shoot...this is when multiple camera bodies is essential.

Then you have multiple lenses, perhaps a photographer drops or breaks a lens, its good to have a spare...but not just that, different lenses, do different things.

Here's an example of what a wide lens can do, it captures things from a different perspective, showing a much larger space and make it look epic.

events photography in a stadium

And here's an example of a lens which we call telephoto lenses, these allow photographers to capture close up personal shots from a distance...almost as if you were right there in person even though we standing really far away.

awards ceremony photograph

Now this is the difference basic gear can do...

2. A Photographers Experience photographing Events

One of the biggest changes to the cost of an events photographer is their experience with events. Most unexperienced photographers will run around taking thousands of photographs at an event. The problem with this, is whilst they may be taking thousands of photos, they not concentrating on the event itself, and which moments are actually important.

Experience photographers understand which images the clients want and need...after all, receiving a thousand images from a 4 hour event is absolutely pointless. Instead, getting 100 to 200 images that capture the event perfectly is far better for the client, especially when it comes to newsletters and social media posts.

If you have an event and would like to get a quote from us, get in touch and let us capture your event the way it should be captured.


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