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Capturing the Essence of Your Clothing Brand: Professional Photography Services

When it comes to fitness brand and fitness clothing, there is 1 name that almost every woman has heard of, and thats YumBum.

Now its no secret that Michelle has been all over the YumBum brand for a few years, and yes, if you've ever visited their website or social channels you'll definitely see Michelle.

But what's the point of this post...well, when it comes to photography, there's so many ways to photograph a model, but the model herself also needs to know what she's doing...and this is where the brand comes in.

There's a very specific reason why you see our photographs on the YumBum website, and thats because the photographs show the brand and the apparel.

Yes, of course I absolutely love taking beautiful photographs of Michelle, but when she's wearing the brand, there is a fine line to capturing the model, and capturing what the model is wearing.

Every brand we have worked with has appreciated the way we have stayed brand focused, great pretty photos and backgrounds are beautiful, but not getting lost in the art and keeping the subject (which is the brand in this case) in focus at all times is extremely important.

Here are just a few images we thought you may like.

If you looking to capture your product, or brand, let's chat and see where we can take your brand.

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