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We ALMOST had a Day Off!

Most people will never understand the life a photographer has...we often get to chat with guests at wedding venues throughout the country and we always hear the same story..."You guys must have a great life only working weekends!"

So lets put that into perspective as most people work half day Friday and have a full Saturday and Sunday off, that is 2.5 days a week off.

Monday - The only day we TRY take off...but its usually email catch up from the weekend whilst we shooting.

Tuesday - Editing

Wednesday - Editing

Thursday - Social Media, Website updating and weekend finalising.

Friday - Shooting Events/Weddings/Engagement Sessions Saturday - Shooting Weddings

Sunday - Shooting Weddings/Family Shoots/Engagement Sessions

In a nutshell we have 2 days a week to edit and keep up with all the this point you start realising how impossible the courier is...but we choose to live a life of passion. is a video of what started off as our first off day in 3 weeks...oddly enough we had to rush for 2 meetings later that day so our day off was cut short, but we still tell ourselves it was an off day.

Michelle visited Soulstice Day Spa at SilverStar Casino, and I visited my local skate park.


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