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The Sunday Times contacted Us!

Last week the Sunday Times contacted us. They loved our work and wanted our insight and advice into the ever growing Matric Farewell industry.

After a lengthy phone call they couldn't wait for a few of our favourite images and our clients contact details. We were absolutely thrilled and mostly humbled by the phone call and potential feature.

Today, Sunday the 21st of August, left us seeing something that any photographer hopes for, a feature and insight into a story of a major growing industry, Matric Farewell photography.

Here is a link to the feature :)

a snap shot of the front and 7th page, and also a few extra pretty Matric Farewell photos to make you smile.

RICH Photography on the front Page of the Sunday Times

Sunday Times Matric Farewell feature
matric farewell feature in the sunday times

matric dance photo shoot

matric farewell photos

red matric farewell dress

black and red lace matric farewell dress

red matric farewell dress

raining matric farewell photos at Usambara

lacey red matric farewell dress

artistic matric farewell photos

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