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Forever Global Rally - Event Photography

As photographers, we photograph a lot, from maternity shoots, to weddings and yes, even real estate. This possibly comes from our background of teach photography, when asked questions we need to know the answers and how to do it the professional way.

Early March this year, a friendly gentleman from the US contacted us to photograph their event in South Africa. At first we thought, sure, another event...Michelle would come along and capture with me and make it special for the client.

Later that evening, the friendly gent became more than just a client, his name was Nick, he phoned me late one night (midday for the US). He explained to me how they have looked for photographers and coming across our work was absolutely awesome and pleasing for them. They always use a photographer by the name of Sander in the UK that flies to each country to do their events, this was no exception in South Africa. Sander was flying down to shoot with us.

It was at this point we realised that the company was a lot larger than we anticipated and it was in actual fact, Forever Living. We could not believe it! This would possibly be the largest event we would ever photograph in our lives...and were we right!

Forever Living is an amazing company, a gent by the name of Rex owns Forever Living, a kind hearted, generous man, and his staff, well they are second to none and a pleasure to work with.

No matter what I say, nothing will illustrate the size, the passion and excitement we had capturing this day, working our way between 1000's of people from over 50 countries...what an experience.

Day 1 was held at the Sandton Convention Centre. Day 2 and 3 was held at the Ticket Pro Dome.

Here are some photos, the sheer size and magnitude and passion could only be felt being there, but for us these photos already bring back amazing memories.

Thank you Nick, Sander and Forever Living, we hope to see you in Dubai 2017.

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