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Nikita's Valentines Ball Shoot - Johannesburg

Nikita contacted us late Jan for a shoot for herself and her awesome friends.

The idea was that whilst on their way to the Valentines Ball they were going to take a quick stop at Delta Park and do a quick shoot.

As with most young ladies, they were dressed to perfection, full of smiles and game for anything.

Without any boys or dates, these girls really had fun, there was no uptight moments, they laughed and just enjoyed it.

Here is just a few photos from their shoot.

Valentine Ball Photo Shoot
Valentine Photo Shoot at Delta Park
Photo Shoot at Delta Park

Best friends photo shoot
Johannesburg photographers
Photo Shoot at Delta Park
Johannesburg wedding photographers
Matric Farewell Photo shoot
Matric farewell photo shoots Johannesburg
Gauteng photographers
Photo shoots Johannesburg
Delta Park photo shoot location
Best friends photo shoot

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