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We also got Married!

On the 21st of February 2015...we also tied the knot!

Yes...we got married!

It was at that point we knew exactly what all our clients felt like on your wedding day, the tears, the emotions, the laughter...and most of all the excitement.

As with everyone wedding, we always tell our clients no matter what happens your day will always be perfect...and its true, no matter what goes wrong, right or whatever, your wedding will always be as it should be, perfect!

Being a wedding photographer in Johannesburg...obviously you want to take photos of your gorgeous bride.

So without spoiling our day, we decided to set up a day when we could just go and take a few photos of my beautiful wife Michelle in her breath-taking Cosmobella gown which is part of the Lady Marmalaide Collection.

So here is a few of the photos of my amazing wife in her wedding dress...

Wedding Photography in Johannesburg

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