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Jason and Adriette's Wedding at Avianto | Johannesburg

In February 2015, 5 days after our very own wedding, Jason and Adriete booked us for their big day at Avianto. You might remember this young and vibrant couple from the ever so popular engagement shoot with the little guy and his motorbike.

As always Avianto is a big venue, and its always filled with the highest of expectations but we won't go as far as saying its an easy venue to photograph at, you need to know your way around it for good lighting spots and angles and its definitely a challenge we enjoy, because the reward is worth it.

Jason and Adriette were such a fun couple to work with, after their engagement shoot with us, they told us that they relying on us, but they know they will have awesome photos #PRESSURE :)

After Jason and Adriettes huge compliment and thank you on our Facebook Page we are definitely proud to say we never dissapointed them at all. Here are a few of Jason and Adriette's wedding photos, we've included quite a few to show you the basic flow of our usual wedding day.


Venue: Avianto

DJ: Blast

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