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Mischka's Matric Farewell Shoot

Mischkas mom contacted a few weeks prior to the date of the farewell. As with all Matric Farewell photo shoots we get very excited. Shooting a farewell is a lot more relaxed than a wedding, there is less stress on the day and you generally have a lot more time with the couple together.

With that said, on the 3rd of October 2014 we met Mischka and her mom at their house. Mischka looked absolutely awesome in her red dress, her hair style was extremely unique and the first we had seen for a Matric Farewell...but then again, this is Johannesburg, its much different from the Port Elizabeth we were used to. We did the shoot in their back garden, carefully using areas as backdrops to make her and her red dress pop! We finished off the shoot with a vintage, and extremely awesome, Chevy Impala in the street!

Take a look :)

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