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Jeantelle and Delyns Wedding

If you have seen this awesome couples engagement shoot you would know there are pretty photos and moments on their way. Jeantelle and Delyn tied the knot on the 27th of December 2013...we were set to fly out just 3 days after their wedding to New Zealand to attend another wedding...and in all honesty, we couldnt wait to get back to edit their photos.

After shooting their engagement session we couldnt wait, we got along with this couple so well, and they truly were so much fun to work with.

Jeantelle was one of those brides that put all their trust in us and said "You know what you doing, so I trust you!". This immediately makes us feel so relaxed and confident with the bride.

Although it was our first wedding where the groom wore a Scottish kilt, this wasnt the only reason it was memorable.

Just after the ceremony we walked passed a lamp pole on the venues driveway, I turned to Michelle and said that if this light works tonight, its going to be an awesome shot! Low and behold, the timing was as dinner was served, we took the opportunity and pulled Jeantelle outside...it got stormy, the light was on and we truly feel we made a masterpiece.

Here are some images from Jeantelle and Delyns big day.