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The 20 Best Wedding Bouquet Ideas | Just ask Us

We've all been there ladies...endless time spent on the internet searching for wedding bouquet ideas and different styles...only to find you will NOT be getting that flower in South Africa, well, we have you covered!

In this series of 'Just ask Us' we will be covering the best ideas for your wedding, and who better to ask than a photographer right. We have seen wedding bouquets and ideas from all parts of South Africa, some weird and some wonderful...but remember, a bouquet is unique, and more importantly we all have different taste. Its not to say if bride A likes this bouquet that bride B will, and thats what makes wedding planning so much fun, we all different, we all unique!

From plain and simple, to neat and perfect, babies breath or none, white roses to yellow roses and even a variety of colors in 1 bouquet we sure these will give you some ideas to point you in the right direction and make your bouquet as it should be...your own.

So here you go, we took 20 of the best wedding bouquet ideas that we feel are traditional and more importantly, functional...thats right, you read that correctly...a bouquet needs to be functional.

Ask any bride, a massive bouquet that is overpoweringly large is just too heavy, guaranteed your neat little rose bouquet will have you wanting to toss it really early anyway, we know the latest instagram trend is to have a massive bouquet thats totally untidy...and yes they make pretty photos and if it suits the theme of your wedding by all means, let us know, we would love to capture your day.

But thats just it, its your day, we can't tell you how your bouquet should one should, but these are ideas, and we want to give you some ideas, so enjoy it, build on the ideas and let us know when is your big day!

Keep a look out for our next 'Just ask Us' wedding idea blog.

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