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Content for Sports and Fitness Brands Videos.

Updated: Jan 29

When it comes to sports, fitness and brands, we have always strived to make these kind of videos cool, epic and fitting. What do we mean by fitting...well every video has a potential target audience. Sometimes you can make a video too cool or epic for its target audience. We film content for an upmarket retirement village, and with those videos, they more classical, classy and premium...we can't just time the video to some insanely cool song that cross fitters may like.

So, with Eduplex, they have an open mind, and whilst their audience is young sporty and into fitness, theres also the older audience...and everything in between, we need to create content thats maybe too old for the very young market, but also edgy and young enough for the older check this out!

If you have a fitness brand that needs fresh content, from apparel, to supplements, let us know, we here to create something epic and fitting for your brand!


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