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Byron and Ashleigh's Wedding | Glen Afric

You may have seen Byron and Ashleigh's engagement shoot which also featured on our blog (take a look here).

Byron and Ashleigh's weddding was a complete Safari Wedding. Held at the beautiful Glen Afric, it truly sets the mood.

We took a game drive to the beautiful ceremony under the tree, then to 2 beautiful photo shoot locations and then to the wedding reception which was between a few trees laced with fairy lights and under the night sky...absolutely breathtaking.

Besides for having the absolute privilege to capture another amazing couples special day. Byron is also in the photography industry...I know, no pressure right?

As tough as it sounds, when a photographer books you, they generally know exactly what they want, and they choosing you because they see something they like, and that makes us feel so proud!

So...pressure aside, Byron and Ashleigh's day was awesome. So awesome that when Ashleigh's dad walked into the room and saw her all dressed up, the tears started much so that Michelle and I started tearing up and crying, I think that shows how much emotion there was.

It's pretty tough trying to get that natural moment shot through a camera eye piece whilst the tears are blurring your vision.

Enough text...I think their photos speak for themselves, here is Bryon and Ashleigh's beautiful day through our eyes.

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