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Advertising Shoot for RockStar Energy, Fox, VonZipper, Wetherd and Husqvarna

Recently we did a 3 day shoot for a few of the big names in the Motocross industry in South Africa.

The concept was to show off some of the awesome apparel for the brands, keeping it natural like one sees in motocross magazines. Fox had some awesome bikinis and motocross gear in conjunction with RockStar, VonZipper had the coolest glasses, Husqvarna supplied us one of thier latest bikes and Wetherd had some insane sticker kits with their involvements in all the brands.

Here are some of the shots that were our favourites!

Husqvarna shoot
Fox and Rockstar photo shoot
Fox motocross gear on model
Fox motocross shoot
RockStar shoot South Africa
Husqvarna shoot 250 4 stroke
RockStar models shoot Kawasaki Johannesburg
RockStar Fast Kawasaki Wetherd shoot
VonZipper motocross shoot Johannesburg
VonZipper glasses and Wetherd Designs
Indy Oil photo shoot South Africa
Wetherd Clothing shoot Johannesburg
Gazebo World Kawasaki Wetherd shoot
Wetherd Kawasaki 125 2 stroke shoot
Kawasaki 125 sticker kit by Wetherd Designs
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