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Yashvir and Divinias Wedding

This was our first Indian wedding, and from the moment we met Divinia we were so excited, Yash was often away and couldnt make the first meeting, but between his busy schedule we finally got to meet the lucky guy :) their big day was on the 7th of December 2013.

What a cute, perfect and sensational couple. Their wedding day was just as special...and being our first Indian wedding, for those that dont know, the bridal preparation started at 8:30am for us. It was a very long day...but spending it with a couple with so many smiles made it feel shorter than an ordinary wedding.

It was by far the largest wedding we had ever done and the most amazing part was witnessing for the first time how different religions are and how different traditions are. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and although Divinia and Yash were a bit late for their couple shoot, thanks to professional equipment,, Nikon obviously :) we managed to light up the night and capture some awesome photos on a local horse race track.

Here are some images from Divinia and Yashvir's big day.