• Rich - RICH Photography

Teegan Du Preez | Model Shoot

Teegan was looking to grow her model portfolio and booked a shoot with us for the last week of January. We had just got back from our holiday and thought well, we have a few days left of holiday, why not jump right into a shoot and see how awesome we could make it...start the year on a good note as they say, well the 17th of January 2013 was definitely a good day to start the year.

So we asked Teegan if she was keen on doing it that day, she was so excited, she came to our place and we did her make up for the shoot. Make up for photography is an extremely important point, this is why we include it in most of our packages.

We decided we will take a trip down to Sardinia Bay and see how the weather is there. We got there and it was still raining, we pulled out the umbrella and our equipment and took a walk. The cloud cover was crazy and dark but it also allows for so much detail so we starting shooting in the gaps of the rain and as soon as the sun hit that horizon we made our way to the water...and WOW was it cold.

The water could only be described as bone chilling and Teegan still rocked it.

Take a look at some of Teegan's shoot.